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About Us

Experience ... Ability ... Commitment

Mission Statement

SoSol Consulting is committed to providing clients with the best technology available. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and grooming self-sufficient computer users.


SoSol Consulting was established in 1986, under the name X-Light & Sound, providing design and installation services to theaters and clubs throughout Europe. The company was part of the creation of the first fully computer controlled light system (CCLS) in the world.

Technology skills enabled SoSol Consulting's to branch out. It became involved in the assembly, installation and set-up of computer systems in some of Slovenia's largest businesses.

SoSol Consulting came to America in the 1990's where it first offered its services to the entertainment industry. At the turn of the century, SoSol Consulting changed its focus to non-profit organizations and a range of commercial enterprises.

Vladimir Sokolov, Principal

A native of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Vladimir Sokolov immigrated to America in 1991 and became a United States citizen for the new millennium. He has studied at the University of Ljubljana and at New York's Empire State College. He has an extensive dance background and credits much of his success as a communicator and teacher to his years of teaching social and competitive ballroom dancing to adults and children.

Mr. Sokolov established his first private company in 1986, as a natural evolution in his career as an electronics and information technologies specialist.

SoSol Consulting had its genesis in Mr. Sokolov's previous company, X-Light & Sound, which provided design and installation services to clubs and theaters throughout Europe. As X-Light & Sound expanded, Mr. Sokolov's technology skills enabled the company to branch out and become involved in the assembly, installation and configuration of computer systems.

SoSol Consulting projects have included new design as well as upgrades and improvements of data collection and archiving databases, client management systems, contacts and resources management databases. Other duties have been disaster recovery, full IT services for a successful ballroom dance studio, IT support for an editorial services firm and the design and maintenance of websites for many not-for-profit organizations.

Mr. Sokolov approaches each new project with professionalism, innovation and enthusiasm, supported by a foundation of tried and true methods to assess strategic IT needs. On-site inspections, recommendations for optimizing existing systems, thorough budget preparations and realistic timetables give clients an unparalleled "comfort zone" when working with SoSol Consulting. His goal is to help clients achieve their full success potential using non-traditional thinking, creative problem solving and strategic IT solutions.

In addition to being a consummate IT professional, Mr. Sokolov brings outstanding inter-personal skills to his work. An active listener with a quick mind, he is personable, well spoken, and communicates effectively with staff members at all levels of a corporate hierarchy. Mr. Sokolov also brings a highly developed work ethic and a deep commitment to quality to all his activities.

Like many successful professionals, Mr. Sokolov approaches his leisure activities with the same enthusiasm that drives his work. He is an ardent downhill skier, has tried his hand at rock climbing, repelling, mountain biking and enjoys extreme sports including bungee jumping and skydiving. To date, he has not suffered any "downtime" due to injury.