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SoSol Consulting is available – at any time – by phone, Internet, and for face-to-face meetings to guarantee a client's business is never interrupted by a technology breakdown. We are known for our ability to work "invisibly," allowing for minimal disruption of your business.

We can build complete IT hardware and software systems from the ground up, or we can upgrade your existing equipment. We offer end-to-end support for the full spectrum of your IT needs, allowing you to phase out one-shot consultants who lack a true understanding of your system, your business, and your goals. In a pinch we will even take the trash out. That's the kind of people we are.

Description of Core Offerings

Remote Office Work

Setup of the secure remote network, connecting office computers/servers to remote workers at home. Or, setup of the cloud storage service, where employees can share files and collaborate with co-workers.

Assessment and recommendation of the home equipment to assure effective and safe work-at-home workspace.

Comprehensive computer system assessment

Inspection of your existing IT equipment, with focus on age, and condition. Evaluation of suitability, based on your organization's needs. Report on possible areas of improvement and recommendations for upgrades.

Complete Information Technology security audit

Review of the security situation of your organization – including evaluation of equipment weaknesses, acceptability of security software, office physical access control and your personnel's knowledge of security procedures.


Evaluation of you current system with recommendation for upgrade or new installation. Creation of the construction documentation.

Construction of new Local Area Network and wireless network, or upgrade of existing networks.

Integration of the peripheral equipment (e.g. Voice over IP phones).

Management and maintenance of IT networks.

Integration of tablets and mobile devices into IT system

Connecting mobile devices to the local network, setup of remote access and cloud services apps, setup of business accounts (e-mails, remote services credentials, remote logins, etc.).

We can also evaluate the impact of mobile devices on the IT system's security.

Hardware and software builds, upgrades, repairs, and disaster recovery

Design and assembly of custom computers. Replacing and upgrading PC components. Monitoring releases of the updates and security patches by the equipment manufacturers. Creation and execution of the update policy.

Data disaster recovery

Extracting data and files from failed and damaged hard drives and solid-state memory devices.

Purchase recommendations and assistance

We offer recommendations that are most fitting for your business and make sense for the task. We will recommend the best, cost-effective vendors and can assist with procurement.

Installation of new hardware and software

After we place the new (or repaired) hardware in the office space, we will connect it, activate licenses, configured it, install software, create user accounts and transfer your files.

We don't speed through an installation. Instead, we take the time required to ensure that when our work is complete, yours can begin immediately without any time-consuming, post-upgrade tinkering with your equipment.

Managed security services

A risk assessment is followed by the installation of firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware and e-mail spam filtering software/equipment. Implementation of physical equipment and premises protection.

Installation and management of a backup system and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems.

Creation of the Office Security policy, Business Continuity Plan, disaster recovery procedures, Computer Network Incident Response Plan and Computer Good Practices Policy.

Providing insight, advice and solutions for achievement of regulatory compliance.

Yearly reviews, updates and reports of the organization's security condition.

Internet solutions

Comprehensive website design and management. Including selection of the domain name, registration and setup. Help selecting the website hosting services, SSL certificates, e-commerce services, blogs, video streaming service.

Design, production and management of a modern responsive website, compatible with the plethora of today's web browsers and mobile devices.

Hosted e-mail setup and managements.

Design, setup and maintenance of Cloud storage systems, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), remote desktop access systems and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Video Production

We can help you, or fully manage, the planning of your video project. Recommend a filming crew or shoot a video ourselves. We can produce instructional videos, commercials, events, live streaming and video conferencing.

In post-production, we will cut and edit the video footage, add titles, graphics, transitions, optimize audio and/or add soundtrack or voice-over track. The finished video is transcoded into the format of your choice.

Video is delivered in the format and medium of your choice – as a High Definition video for screening or a file optimized for video streaming. The video can be delivered on hard drive, solid state media (memory stick, SSD, etc.), DVD or in the cloud storage. Backup files are also available.

We can setup online video streaming/delivery service for you – e.g. YouTube Channel, Vimeo or Content Delivery Network service. We can also upload, setup and manage the video content for you.

SoSol software and database development

Providing project analysis, planning, design, equipment purchase, installation and debugging. User-friendly applications are another 'plus' offered. SoSol Consulting strives to design software that is reliable, safe and custom tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Partnerships in project management

SoSol Consulting will help you conceptualize, define the scope, budget, timetable and deliverables of your project.

We will stand by your side, during the discovery negotiations, development, testing and deployment.

We can also stay onboard after the project's closing for staff training and follow-up. Your satisfaction is our primary aim and our main objective is to protect your interests.

Office relocation planning and execution

Planning a move? SoSol Consulting can help you make your relocation trouble-free: no lost equipment, no lost data and no lost time. Or, if you are transitioning into telecommuting and need to setup a remote office, see our offering above.